Linux for Amlogic

Welcome to the website for the growing Linux development community around Amlogic Meson SoCs.

This community is focused around getting Meson SoCs well-supported by mainline Linux and mainline Linux distributions. Some work has been done to get Meson SoCs well-supported by mainline U-Boot as well, to provide Single-Board-Computers an U-Boot alternative to the heavily patched outdated version maintained by Amlogic.

In January 2018 BayLibre wrote a post that summarizes the work done so far to get Meson SoC support into mainline Linux: How We Improved AmLogic Support in Mainline Linux

This website is not endorsed by or affiliated with Amlogic, Inc.


How to Contribute ?

Mailing list Archives are available at:

git clone git://
make -C linux ARCH=arm64
git clone
make -C u-boot my-board_defconfig
make -C u-boot

The Amlogic Upstream development looks for contributors, so don’t hesitate to contact the other developers if you wish to fix, develop, enhance or test a feature in Linux, U-boot or any other software (There is OpenBSD support